Someone get me a mug

Before now, I didn’t fully buy into the whole “take down the patriarchy” thing. I thought it was a little overblown.  That is, until I started learning how modern womanhood burdens got started. Did you know Lysol was first marketed as a douche?! Yes, I call them burdens. I know this is a matter of opinion. … Continue reading Someone get me a mug

Deodorant Experiment: Roll-ons

UPDATE: Read my update two years later: ******************************************************************************* If you are just joining us, we are in the middle of reviewing a variety of leading natural deodorants to find ones that really work. The previous two posts covered why and how. The Great Natural Deodorant Experiment Now, lets review my experience with this group: … Continue reading Deodorant Experiment: Roll-ons

The Great Natural Deodorant Experiment

UPDATE: Read my update two years later: ******************************************************************************* We all wanted to know. So I took one for the team. I made a google spreadsheet. My husband was asked to sniff my pits and my clothes more than he'd like. I learned I need to shower more. But, most importantly: I systematically tested out … Continue reading The Great Natural Deodorant Experiment