2 become 1

I've been married 10 years. I'm starting to realize that the longer I'm married, the less I know about marriage. I thought I would arrive at year 10 all knowing, wise, and coast the rest of the way. But the longer we are here, the more we know each other, the less I have it … Continue reading 2 become 1

But I’m still patriotic

Let's just get this out of the way: I don't think singing patriotic songs as part of a Christian worship service pleases God. We Americans have a hard time seeing it unless we've been outside the US context and watched the damage done by mixing the fallible US government, past actions, & current culture with … Continue reading But I’m still patriotic


A friend helped me realize before I left the middle east that I was returning to America FREE. Or, at least, much more free than before. Before, six years ago, I was such a different person. So imprisoned by my debt, my baggage, and my scars. Dragging all that around was just so...ugh. It's clear … Continue reading Freedom