What it’s like to downsize to a few suitcases

Twice in the last 7 years I've consolidated all our belongings to a few suitcases. One time we were a family of four. The first time, we had a baby (and so much baby stuff). At one point we were living as a family out of 2 hotel rooms (no kitchen) for 70 days. Another … Continue reading What it’s like to downsize to a few suitcases

Thanksgiving in the middle east

When you live, well, not, in the USA, celebrating Thanksgiving can be awkward and downright depressing. The first Thanksgiving abroad is the worst: you haven't adopted new traditions yet and the old ones just don't work. But most people try to force it anyway. The only way around this is to have a big neighbor potluck on … Continue reading Thanksgiving in the middle east


A friend helped me realize before I left the middle east that I was returning to America FREE. Or, at least, much more free than before. Before, six years ago, I was such a different person. So imprisoned by my debt, my baggage, and my scars. Dragging all that around was just so...ugh. It's clear … Continue reading Freedom