How to downsize, like really.

I promised a few friends I would explain how we went about getting rid of just about all our belongings when we left the United States. The first time, we only had about two and a half months to do so: trying to strike a balance between efficiency and getting some cash. Post all our … Continue reading How to downsize, like really.

What it’s like to downsize to a few suitcases

Twice in the last 7 years I've consolidated all our belongings to a few suitcases. One time we were a family of four. The first time, we had a baby (and so much baby stuff). At one point we were living as a family out of 2 hotel rooms (no kitchen) for 70 days. Another … Continue reading What it’s like to downsize to a few suitcases

First Day

Goals for our first full day (Saturday): Get up in time for the free breakfast. NOPE. jet lag won on this one. Exchange some $ for Dirhams. check. Eat lunch. check. unpack stuff  trash hotel room with baby accessories. check. Find grocery store, go there, and get food that is way cheaper than hotel restraunts. … Continue reading First Day

We made it!

No pictures to show for it, but we made the long journey here: 26.5 total hours of travel = 15 hours on airplanes, 2.5 hours in automobiles, 9 hours in airports. Left James's parents home Thursday at noon and were in our hotel room at 11 PM Friday. All 6 bags made it... even after all the … Continue reading We made it!