2 yr update: Natural Deodorant

I’ve been hesitant to write this.

Yes, I’m still on the natural deodorant train. No, I haven’t gone back. Yes, I learned that body chemistry and hormone cycles have a lot more to do with it than I thought.

First, you might need to get caught up on my deodorant saga.

A company I love reformulated their natural deodorant. I was very cautious about trying it because the original formula was so bad that I didn’t even include it in my test two years ago.

I started using it in December 2018. It worked.

Ok, but will it work in the SUMMER? So I used it. I tried every single smell. I used it while camping, road tripping, yard working, house rehabbing.

AND IT WORKS. People. PEOPLE! I actually like it more than all the others I have used so far. Honest to goodness!

I’m not even going to go over all the reasons everyone should be using natural deodorant…like this reason.

Want to know what it is? Click here.

*Technically I do get a commission if you purchase this product from me. But really, I only share products I absolutely love.

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