Americans like to enjoy our freedoms. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from the rest of the world. But what if it isn’t so great?

What if some of us feel like America is a game of dodge ball, and we are loosing? All these freedoms we love so much…providing allowances for the biggest or meanest players to keep all the balls.

I don’t like dodge ball. I don’t like getting hit hard by a rubber weapon that leaves a sting.

Democracy itself is not freedom. It is: many freedoms at the expense of others.

“Freedom” is subjective. It only feels like freedom if the thing you want is protected and allowed. Otherwise, it’s the opposite.

For example: I wish I had the freedom to take walks alone in the evening without being assaulted and then blamed.  I wish I had the freedom to (honestly) tell my kids that elementary school is a safe place to be all day.

As a mom (and woman), I felt the most free in a foreign country where my things were protected: family, women, and children. These were held as more valuable than individual rights. And I loved it.

Here, in the great U S of A, the individual freedoms to do as you please take priority over the group.

But isn’t it great? We are free to go anywhere we want, on our side of the court. We can seek out and find a ball (although there aren’t enough). Mostly, I am just trying not to get hit.

You know who likes dodge ball? People who are good at it.

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