Reasons to love winter

love winter. 

I mean, I really really like late fall. But that’s just a tease for WINTER. I’ve been thinking lately about why that is.

Summer is life. I don’t need to know that message. It’s shoved down our throats.

But Fall – Winter – Spring is a cycle if dieing, death, then rebirth. It’s a dramatic drawing out of what the Lord does with our souls. A dramatic death of ourselves followed by a beautiful rebirth.

THAT is the story I need to hear. Every year. That after the slow dramatic death to my own selfish, manipulative, stubborn, prideful spirit, there will be BEAUTIFUL NEW LIFE.

Shoots peeking through the snow when you least expect it, beautiful new life will come despite our laziness and frozen hearts.

Summer is glaring proof that other things are alive and well. Those of us living in winter can find that hot sustaining of life offensive.

but WINTER. That is a story that needs telling.

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