I love back-to-school. Fresh pencils. Fresh notebooks. Fresh possibilities. I feel the same about a new year. In the US, it is the time we are encouraged to change things up. Cut things out that weren’t working. Quit. Start. New plan. New schedule.

We are encouraged to make new, better choices.

Anything can happen. We can finally become our best self. Maybe this will be the year? Or maybe I just love a fresh blank calendar because of all the possibilities.

This year, my goal is to take what I learned about my sanity and health last year, and set myself up for a more successful & healthy 2019. For me, that means I can only do my side-hustle (substitute teaching) 2 half days a week. That’s it.

I need a day when I do some cleaning all in one day. I tried doing a little each day last year, and it taxed. me. to. death. This year, I will spend 2 dedicated hours once a week and see how it goes.

1 morning per week I will set aside time and make myself pursue my passion: writing. This is the scariest of all my goals. Does anyone else fear the thing they want to do the most? What if I fail at the thing? But that is a lie. Just by trying and following the desire God has put in me to burst out writing, that is already success.

In order to support the writing, I spend 1 day per week focusing on my business. It’s growing, at a pace I can sustain. And I need that dedicated time to plan, connect with people, and follow through.

Last, but not least-This year, I need to start traveling again. My goal is 1 major national park or monument per year. We’ve already planned and booked this summer’s. I’m so excited.

What about you?

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