2 years with Natural Deodorant, and what I’ve learned

I’ve been using natural deodorant for 2 years. 2 smelly, frustrating, and fascinating years. Some of you may remember my experiment 2 summers ago.

But I didn’t stop there. Because…every morning I had to put something on and suffer, I mean live out, the consequences. The main thing I learned:

My original experiment was too short.

I was forgetting the most important thing:

monthly cycles (face palm).

Yep, that’s right. I said it. Turns out our periods ruin even more things than we thought. Add your armpits to the list.

This is what I didn’t even think to consider: women’s hormones change over the course of the month. Hormones have a very big impact on our pits. I confirmed this with my amazing new OB (Who looks exactly like Nancy Kerrigan . like exactly like her) and several neighbors. Obviously scientific standards are important to me.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a new, updated list to help women get through the process of switching to natural deodorant.

  1. It’s not easy. This journey will uncover all your weaknesses. You will find out  you need to up your stain treatment game as well as your shower game. You will discover you are even more self-conscious than you thought about body odor. You will figure out which body sprays are most effective and also which baby wipes work the best in a pinch. Yes, baby wipes.
  2. Nooks and crannies matter. Lume Deodorant has taught me this. Now I understand why so many natural deodorants are semi-liquid and applied with your fingers. You really need to rub it in so the deodorant gets in all the dents and bumps in there. Every bit of real estate counts. Side note: go to Lume and sign up for their email updates, you will learn so much!
  3. The 2″ perimeter. Did you know that deodorant should be applied in a 2″ perimeter of the entire hair area in your armpit? I sure didn’t. This matters because bacteria are on the move thanks to your clothing, sweat, and skin to skin movement.
  4. Hormones can ruin everything. For me, this means a certain week of my month, I will always have body odor. This is terrible news, but I’m coping. It also means almost any deodorant will work the other 3 weeks. My doctor tells me different women see this different weeks, and not everyone has this “concern.” (eye roll). In summary, if you are trying a new deodorant, use it a whole month before switching.
  5. Probiotics help. This sounds crazy. I’ve learned lots about gut health, armpits, depression, etc. I started taking a high quality, 2 stage Probiotic to keep my overflow of gut issues from coming out in my pits. It’s taken my problems from a 9 down to a 6. While it didn’t fix it, it made a big difference. If we’re honest, with our modern diets, we should all probably be on one anyway.
  6. Detox often. Whatever facial you have for your face, do it on your pits any time the odor is creeping in. My favorite is a good clay or charcoal mask. My current favorite is LM Organics clay mask which smells so divine I want to eat it (and I could, if I really wanted). Her Espresso Mint body polish is my second fave and gets used every time I shower to neutralize whatever funk might be thinking about starting.
  7. Finally, a little smell good never hurt anyone. I prefer #purefume . God has given us so many stunning smells here on this earth. Neroli & Magnolia oils are rocking my world right now. These are essential oil roll on’s I keep in my purse and touch up as needed throughout the day.

Bonus tip: If you suspect a certain piece of clothing has chronic and incurable onion smell, do this:

Make a tally mark on the tag with a permanent marker. 3 strikes, you’re out.

It might be you. It might be the shirt. It might be the bra. Who knows? Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure this out. If a piece of clothing gets 3 tally marks, throw it away. Do not donate it. That’s just mean.

I hope this helps someone out there make the switch. Because, as my wise sister-in-law once said:

Save you t**s,

detox your pits

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