Submissive is not weak

I’ve been thinking on this for a while:
Submissive. is not. weak.  Strong can be submissive.

And yet, I’m really concerned with being weak.

Growing up, I was taught that we had to be strong. Strong to protect ourselves from others. Strong in order to manipulate others. Strong in order to get what you want or need.

Strong in order to not be overtaken.

But what does strong mean, anyway? Until the last few years, I thought it was an outward strength.

But now I’ve found a different strength. And inner strength that is quiet. I know who I am, who’s I am, what I’m not, and who’s I’m not. But really.

Strong. Strength.

And then I think, Jesus was not weak. He was strong. He was submissive to God. To the extent that he sweat blood and then submit. That was his strength.


What about you? What does strong mean to you? How how that changed over the years?

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