Grey hair

Grey hair acts like we should have been acting all along. Only it forces us into it. Grey hair is tough and does what it was made to do. It doesn't pretend to be what it's not.

Reasons to love winter

I love winter.  I mean, I really really like late fall. But that's just a tease for WINTER. I've been thinking lately about why that is. Summer is life. I don't need to know that message. It's shoved down our throats. But Fall - Winter - Spring is a cycle if dieing, death, then rebirth. It's … Continue reading Reasons to love winter

2 years with Natural Deodorant, and what I’ve learned

I've been using natural deodorant for 2 years. 2 smelly, frustrating, and fascinating years. Some of you may remember my experiment 2 summers ago. But I didn't stop there. Because...every morning I had to put something on and suffer, I mean live out, the consequences. The main thing I learned: My original experiment was too … Continue reading 2 years with Natural Deodorant, and what I’ve learned