What it’s like to downsize to a few suitcases


Twice in the last 7 years I’ve consolidated all our belongings to a few suitcases. One time we were a family of four. The first time, we had a baby (and so much baby stuff). At one point we were living as a family out of 2 hotel rooms (no kitchen) for 70 days. Another time we were living in one hotel room with a six month old with major jet lag for weeks.

At this point, stuff and things have less of an attachment than they did for me before all this. I’ve always been quicker than the average American to get rid of stuff.

A friend once asked about what it’s like to simplify and purge like that. It’s hard work. You always wish you’d gotten more money for it all. But it feel so good when it’s done.

You can search out Becoming Minimalist to learn all about downsizing and simplifying.

But from me, here are a few thoughts:

  • “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
  • “Take up your cross and follow me”
  • The pilgrims dropped everything they had and left for what would be the Americas.
  • It’s a lot harder to have your identity in your stuff when it all fits in a hatchback, and most of it is used.
  • I’m ashamed of what I thought I “needed” and have been keeping ever since.
  • We are ALL hoarders.
  • Sometimes, it’s easiest just to close your eyes and throw it all in the trash.

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