Sea Turtles

One of our trips was a road trip through Oman to find real live sea turtles.

We stayed at the Turtle Beach Resort in an air conditioned beach hut. If you ever try this trip, this is a great, relaxing place to stay. Then, the first night, we went to a special beach to watch sea turtles lay eggs and hatch.

When we planned this, we hoped it would be fun or cool. We never dreamed that we would walk away calling it an “experience of a lifetime” and “top 10 on my bucket list.”

Our tour started at 9:00 PM and lasted for two hours. We met at the research building, and they took us by van to the beach (which is closed to all outside traffic). Our guide was very educated and friendly. Even though it was considered the off-season for turtle nesting, we still witnessed almost 15 turtles laying eggs or hatching. This is the only beach in the world where sea turtles lay eggs or hatch, every night, year round. Photography is not allowed, but you can Google pictures of green back turtles nesting to your heart’s content.

Seeing these slow, graceful, turtles, the size of truck tires, covering eggs with sand in the pitch black, under a sky so bright with stars that you can’t spot the usual constellations, and  hearing the powerful fluorescent surf crashing…we couldn’t help but remember the Creator of all this, who knows every turtle, and where they go, and when they will come back, and every hair on our heads, and where we will go, and when we will come back.

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