Potluck Water Truck

This is one of my favorite memories from our first month living in Abu Dhabi.

We had a wonderful potluck this weekend with our neighbors, celebrating two weeks of living in our building. Everyone dragged chairs, food, and coolers into our building lobby. We ate chili and fry bread while the kids played soccer in the street. The table/food/chairs/drinks had just been set up when something big happened: The water truck arrived.


You may not know that the arrival of the water truck is a big deal around here. The entire building relies on the water truck to fill the reservoir under our building so that the tanks on top of our building can fill with water, so that we can do dishes, flush, shower, etc.

We still aren’t entirely sure how the water truck knows to come, or when he will come again. All this means that anytime he arrives, we are all very hospitable, helpful, and we stop everything else we are doing.

Our beautiful feast was set up smack in the middle of his path to fill our reservoir. A neighbor had a great idea,”invite him to eat with us!” (probably consistent with the culture here, by the way).  This bought us about 20 minutes to relax before moving everything out-of-the-way.

Overall, it was a wonderful night. Food shared with friends. Playing outside with the kids. Hanging around visiting. Sharing leftovers. Eating cake. Full water reservoir.

One thought on “Potluck Water Truck

  1. Nicole,
    I can see you conducting all of this potluck water truck what a hoot!!! Your such a wonderful gal I know you will cherish all of these when you get older and look back on all of your writings. You are a fantastic writer you should write a book!!! Well I guess you kind of are with all of your wonderful blogs. I have read all of them. Doris and Millie and myself send our love and they are really interested in reading all of these as well. Have a wondeful day or night whatever it may be there.
    Take care, Kathleen


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