Deodorant Experiment: Traditional Sticks


UPDATE: Read my update two years later:


Welcome to the final part of my series testing out natural deodorants. Check out the previous three posts for why, how, and the roll-on deodorants.

Deodorant Experiment: Roll-ons  &   The Great Natural Deodorant Experiment

Today’s review is a group of traditional stick natural deodorants.  One of the things I realized about myself is that I prefer the smooth application method of the natural roll-ons and creams. I found the natural stick deodorants to be more difficult and time consuming to apply. This came as a total surprise because I’ve been a stick girl until now.

  1. Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick, Bergamot + Lime, 3.25 Ounce:
    • Price: $10.29 on Amazon (link above)
    • Application: It goes on about as smooth as sand. I just couldn’t get it to “warm up” and go on smooth. Seriously, chunks were falling off into the carpet.
    • I was very excited about this brand. People rave about it, it’s easy to find, and available in tons of flavors. The rough application made me stop using this one a day early.
  2. Lemongrass Spa Natural Deodorant:
    • Price: $8 from their website or a consultant
    • Application: This one is like a gel stick and very smooth.
    • But, it was not strong enough for me. My pits require the absolute strongest yet gentlest of deodorants. Lemongrass makes a nice smelling one that was too gentle for the hot summer days I used it. I will, however, be using it up this winter.
  3. Jason Natural Cosmetics Calming Lavender Pure Natural Deodorant Stick – 2.5 Oz
    • Price: $4.84 on Amazon via the link above
    • Application: Another smooth one. You may need to rub it in because it goes on kinda thick.
    • Jason’s deodorant was about 80% good. I had to shower and scrub off some body odor by about 5 pm every day. It was almost worth it because I liked the smell and application.
  4. LM Organics Underarm Balm – Spice:
    • Price: $18.00 from the website linked above
    • Application: This one was easier to apply than the Schmidt’s.
    • I like the spice smell in the stick. But, mixed with my body chemistry, I was paranoid it smelled too much like spaghetti. After asking my mother and sister to sniff my pits repeatedly while we were outside picking berries…we came to a consensus that the deodorant DID work, and I did NOT have body odor. But, the Spice smell was throwing us off. I’d love to see a different scent come out from this same company. On a side note, I tried out their body butter and the charcoal mask, and they are both to die for.
  5. SmartyPits – Natural (Travel-Size) (Eucalyptus Spearmint)
    • Price: $9.50 from Amazon via the link above
    • Application: Goes on almost as smooth as a gel stick.
    • I’m not really sure why I want probiotics in my deodorant. My best guess is that is has to do with thee bacteria we do NOT want going on in our pits. Regardless, I did like this one. It is a bit expensive for a tiny stick that only lasts until about 6pm. If I did any serious sweating, I basically smelled like onions and had to shower and start over.

Overall, between the roll-on and stick groups, there was one standout winner for me:
Simple Body Natural Deodorant (That Works!). It kept me clean, fresh, and body odor free. I especially like that they include a tip sheet in your shipment with helpful information on successfully transitioning to natural deodorant.

Everyone’s body chemistry is a little different. Different scents and ingredients affect people differently. Some of us (*cough*me*cough*) are a lot sweatier and stinkier than others.

The best way to find the natural deodorant for yourself is to

  1. Get your armpits extra clean (consider a clay or charcoal facial in your pits. Is that a “Pitcial”?)
  2. Start with a product who’s smell & application method you already like.
  3. Use it for a full week before switching to another brand.

“Save your T***, Take care of your pits” -SW

And that’s it. I hope these reviews will help you zero in on your next natural deodorant.

*This post contains affiliate links for services or products we use and believe in. I only share companies and services I use and enjoy myself. Please consider using my links. I make a few cents from each purchase that go towards maintaining this site.

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