Deodorant Experiment: Roll-ons


UPDATE: Read my update two years later:


If you are just joining us, we are in the middle of reviewing a variety of leading natural deodorants to find ones that really work. The previous two posts covered why and how.

The Great Natural Deodorant Experiment

Now, lets review my experience with this group: Team Roll-on. Disclaimer: at least 2 of these are not roll-on. But, they didn’t really go with the other team either, so I put them here. Spoiler alert: there are two winners in this category.

  1. Simple Body
    1. Price: $8.95 on the company’s website
    2. Application: Dab from the stick and rub it in.
    3. Texture: A little dab will do ya. This is one of those coconut oil based deodorants that I was trying to avoid. But I went on the recommendation of a friend, and it did not disappoint.
    4. Review: WINNER. I LOVED this deodorant. Once I got the hang of just dabbing and rubbing to apply, it quickly became one of my favorites. I actually forgot I was testing out a deodorant and trusted it fully.
  2. Kiss My Face Paraben Free Liquid Rock Roll-On Deodorant, Fragrance Free – 3 oz – 2 pk
    1. Price: $5.08 each on Amazon with the link above
    2. Application method: Classic roll-on
    3. Texture: Rolls on smooth but burns a tiny bit the first minute.
    4. Review: This one dried out my pits and I sometimes got body odor at the end of a sweaty day. It might work better with a drop of essential oil on the roller before applying.
  3. Miessence
    1. Price: I have no idea because it was given to me.
    2. Application method: Classic roll-on
    3. Texture: Rolls on smooth
    4. Review: This was actually the deodorant that started it all. It is the first natural and first roll-on deodorant I have ever used. It works as long as you are okay re-applying throughout the day. I found I needed to apply about 3 times a day in order to stay fresh.
  4. doTERRA Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend
    1. Price: $69.50 Wholesale for members
    2. Application method: It comes in a small roller bottle that isn’t the typical deodorant size.
    3. Texture: Rolls on smooth and needs a minute to dry
    4. Review: Overall, I liked this one. Not just because I’m a doTERRA-head (which I am). I really like the smell. It was very gentle on the armpit skin. I didn’t get any body odor. My only complaint is that the tiny roller bottle took extra work to apply compared to a typical deodorant container.
  5. Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant, Fresh Vanilla Lemon, 2 Fluid Ounce
    1. Price: $13.10 for this exact stick on Amazon using the link above
    2. Application method: shaped like a roll-on but goes on like a stick.
    3. Texture: goes on smooth like a stick deodorant
    4. Review: WINNER. I will be buying this one again. Well, once I use up the 10 sticks of natural deodorant I now own. The Vanilla Lemon smell is a surprising fresh touch. I actually liked this one so much, I wore it an extra day.

Overall, it turns out I’m more of a roll-on fan than I ever knew. Next up: Deodorant Experiment: Traditional Sticks and the announcement of the overall winner.

*This post contains affiliate links for services or products we use and believe in. I only share companies and services I use and enjoy myself. Please consider using my links. I make a few cents from each purchase that go towards maintaining this site.

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