The Great Natural Deodorant Experiment

UPDATE: Read my update two years later:


We all wanted to know. So I took one for the team. I made a google spreadsheet. My husband was asked to sniff my pits and my clothes more than he’d like. I learned I need to shower more. But, most importantly:

I systematically tested out the top natural deodorant products, and I’m reviewing them for you here.


Why am I doing this? You can read some more about my body odor journey in the last post here: That Time I Gave Up Deodorant

How did I do it?

  • I only tested out brands someone I know said worked.
  • All deodorants tested are aluminum free.
  • There were at least 2 I hated. But, in the name of keeping it positive, I won’t include them in my review.
  • I only received a discount on two brands, and that did not impact my opinion of the product.
  • I also noted my thoughts on the texture and application method.

Control factors (things I tried to keep the same throughout the experiment):

  • All products are aluminum free. Several loved ones of ours have been fighting breast cancer. Most of them plead with me to eliminate this ingredient from my life to decrease my risk. Simple enough.
  • I tried to use all products for 2-3 days
  • Any time I got detected even a smidge of body odor, I changed clothes, showered, and treated the clothes with stain remover.
  • I tracked how many days I used the product, the daily temps, my activity level, and if I was smelly.
  • I made sure to shower every day and wear only clean clothes to keep the experiment scientific.

I’ve grouped the deodorants into two teams:

Team Roll-on


Team Traditional Stick


Check out my review of the Roll-ons:

Deodorant Experiment: Roll-ons

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