That time I tried to quit deodorant

I like conducting experiments. I find the scientific method very handy in identifying every day processes and life improvements. Yes, I’m a nerd.

One time, I quit wearing deodorant because I was curious. Do we all really need it? Or were our bodies just reliant on it because we kept providing it? Is deodorant a waste of money? What could I be doing instead that is less harsh on my skin?


Another motive was that my favorite US deodorant brands were not at all available in the country I was living in. At the time, I lived in the desert, and the average daily temperature was over 100’F. It was either the perfect time to find out, or the perfect time to lose all my friends.

I went cold turkey. Or, rather, hot onion. Am I the only one who thinks body odor smells like onions?

Regardless, I gave up the experiment after about three weeks of unstoppable body odor. Since then, I’ve conducted a lot more research. Next week, I will begin posting my reviews of all natural deodorants. For now, here are some tips for starting your own journey.

Things I learned:


  • The first few weeks are the worst. Your body will freak out and somehow adjust itself to your new, healthier pits. Various internet armpit detox methods drastically help speed up this process.
  • I need deodorant but not antiperspirant. They are not the same thing. Deodorant treats the smell of sweat and tries to prevent a bacteria friendly environment. Antiperspirants attempt to block the pores and sweat all together to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Humans need to shower every day. I seriously didn’t know before now. Also, I don’t like showering. And, since my hair doesn’t require washing but every couple of days, extra showers seem like a waste. But, because I’m interested in taking care of my health as much as possible, I’ve willing to take a few more showers if it means I don’t have to wear my old antiperspirant deodorant.
  • Go ahead and re-apply sometimes, or just change clothes, after you get really sweaty. Maybe this is something you already knew. I didn’t. Again, I’m willing to trade a little bit more laundry in exchange for healthier pits.
  • Treat your clothes with something when washing. I use a very simple mixture of vinegar and lemon essential oil in a spray bottle. Your clothes and friends will thank you for attacking any remaining bacteria remaining on your clothing.

Up next: The Great Natural Deodorant Experiment


UPDATE: Read my update two years later:



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