Re-entry after 2 months

We left our home country two months ago. On the surface, we are adjusting well. Jobs, housing, and schooling are moving right along. We are part of a local church and have re-connected with family.

To see our re-entry struggles, you have to go deeper. I think this is one of the reasons people say it is so hard. These things are very difficult to pinpoint, explain, and live with.

  • The adults have serious decision fatigue. Even the simplest decisions (will we go to an event or not) are so exhausting because of the huge amount of decisions we’ve just made.
  • We are all exhausted and need to go to bed early. Especially this month. We’ve had so many new experiences, new words, new rules, new routines. Sometimes I feel like we are the real life cast of the show Third Rock from the Sun.
  • Our warning signs that it’s becoming too much: we become suddenly irritable & grouchy. Any one of us, at any time.

Other signs of our new life are all the questions the kids ask:

  • “Have we been here before?”
  • “Have I met these people before?”
  • “Will we come here again?”
  • “Do I know their names?”
  • “When are we moving?”
  • “Did Dad get a job?”
  • “Are we still in America?”

We make it a point to be honest when talking with the boys. They know my husband has a job. But they also know we have been in a phase of moving and job hunting for over 6 months. We’ve been upfront with them that we plan to live with family this school year to prepare to move next summer.

But they know as well as we do that plans change. God throws us curve balls and gifts when we least expect it.

In the meantime, we will do our best to settle into our current community, make friends, and remember that even our life here on earth is a temporary assignment.

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