What Parisienne women taught me

I always pictured women in Paris as very sexy, edgy, and fashion forward. My prejudice was probably a result of too many American movies and TV shows.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong, or maybe just late. If Parisienne women are fashion forward and sexy, this is your sneak peak into what’s coming:

  • High Wasted Pants go higher: Like, really high-waisted pants, in every color, pattern, an fabric
  • Make-up is out: Most local women I found wore zero makeup and looked so comfortable in their own skin
  • Embrace your natural hair: big. frizzy. small. whatever. let your hair do it’s thing
  • Black and White Stripe shirts are coming. This could just be something that people always wear…

Let’s check back in a year and see if I’m right.


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