What expat neighbors are like

I wrote this about our first set of neighbors in our very first apartment building while living abroad. We still love these people like family.


We are so thankful to have our neighbors. There are 10 units in our building. We are from at least 3 different countries, with all combinations of kids/married/single/etc. Each of us has our talents and skills and it has taken all of us to get things going in our little building.

We receive deliveries for each other, post instructions when we figure out a process for
something, and watch each other’s kids. Some have step stools. Some have tools.
Some have the vacuum. Some have internet. Some print bus maps. Some figure out
how to get our reservoir refilled. One speaks some Arabic. Some are good at catching cabs.

Sometimes, when I look around at everyone’s doors, I sing in my head a song from SesameStreet “These are the people in my neighborhood, in my neighborhood, in my neighborhood, Oh, these are the people in my neighborhood, the people who you
need each day!”

One thought on “What expat neighbors are like

  1. I just love the description of you building/neighbors. Nothing like good friends as neighbors.
    Can make life better in everyway. I look forward to getting to know them all through your blog. Do they all work for the same company as James? I am glad that life is getting ready to settle down a bit for you. Ya’ll have earned some down time I think. 🙂


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