Saying good-bye

The following blog post was written in 2011, right after we left the USA and moved to our new home in the middle east. I found it in our old family blog. The words could have been written one month ago, as we left the country we called home.

Last Middle Ease Home

This is the part of our move that I was totally in denial about. I hate goodbyes. I’m more of a “see you later” kinda gal. Moving to the middle east is definitely one of those times you cannot deny that you may actually never see some of your friends again. ugh.

Now, I consider myself a smart person, or at least average. It did NOT actually occur to me the amount of “see you latering” we’d have to do. Then, to lose a few weeks of see-you-latering without notice….well…that’s probably for the better.

To all those we did not get to see/hug/see-you-later:

We are so sorry we missed you. Who would have guessed that the last time we hung out would be the last before we moved? We didn’t. Thank you for being such an awesome friend/coworker/neighbor/acquaintance. Please keep in touch with us via facebook, email, or this blog. We made so many great connections in Louisville, we will miss each of you.

See you later,

In all seriousness, goodbyes suck. They are awkward, sad, and did I say awkward? If we did get to say goodbye to you, and seemed cavalier, it’s just because we didn’t know what to say. We really have planted deep roots here in Louisville, and it hurts to rip them out. Only the Lord knows where we will actually plant after Abu Dhabi…but for now…we hope it is right back in Louisville.

4 thoughts on “Saying good-bye

  1. Don’t think I’ll make it to big D this weekend, and I’m sure you can’t squeeze in a visit here. But know I love all 3 of you and so excited about you sharing this journey with me. We will hug again soon….I love you like you’re mine.

    Xoxo Aunt Angie


  2. The last time we saw each other was in a really dark wood ppaneled restaurant in e-town. you brought James, who I got to meet for the first time. And….. I brought my grandpa. So random, but such a good time. Who knew it wouldn’t be in Texas that we would see each other for the last time for awhile? Even though I don’t see you much at all these days, I still feel very connected to you through all of our hilarious and ridiculous memories and stories. It’s sucky knowing that you’re going to be EVEN FARTHER away. But what an adventure! Love you, miss you, will continue to miss you! 🙂


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