How to get internet in the desert

These are the actual steps we followed to get internet in our building. Approximate wait times in parenthesis:

1. Get an address ( 1.5 weeks from moving in)

2. Take passport, proof of employment, cash, and address to internet main office (there is only 1) and sign up (3-4 trips required to identify actual building and business hours)

3. Wait 2 weeks for guy with rolls of cable to come to building and run wires from your actual apartment to the “electrical room”

4. Install guy comes, 1 week later to tell you building is missing ODF box and to call supervisor. “Mum, this will take much time”. Not good

5. In the meantime, at least 2 other neighbors get internet installation spliced off of the next building’s electrical room (this canNOT be good for bandwidth)


How to get internet in the USA:

  1. call an 800 #
  2. Provide a credit card
  3. Get internet within a day

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