Driving on the Wrong Side

What is it like to drive a manual transmission on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of the car, in a foreign country?

It's like having a heart attack every 15 seconds for the first day. Then you get used to it and only have mild strokes about once an hour.

The hardest part for me is being a left-handed manual transmission driver. Muscle memory is a real booger. I keep trying to shift my door knob or look in my rear view mirror where it isn't.

Also, I have a real problem with drifting off the road to the left. My brain thinks my physical body, as the driver should be along the left side of the lane, which puts my car directly inside the 10 foot hedge on the side of the road. This is such a problem, that today, James says, "You have GOT to stop that! You are a wife and a mother."

Never mind that I have no stinking clue what all these crazy lines on the road mean. And, I'm not even going to tell you what we did for a day until I figured out how to get into reverse.

Tips for you:

-At intersections, verbally repeat which lane you are driving towards.

-It helps to scream at yourself when you turn into three wrong lane.

-When in doubt, take a taxi.

*From the archives. Originally posted on our family blog in 2012**

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