Islam made me a better Christian

img_2795-1.jpgA real test of your belief system is living side-by-side with another.

A few close mom-friends, who were practicing Muslims, had better Christian theology than me. This is how I learned that Islam and Christianity have several overlapping themes. Things I always thought I believed. But when I witnessed these sincere women REALLY living out these similarities, I realized I was just pretending.

“Inshallah” (click here for pronunciation) translates to “If God wills it”. It’s added to the end of statements of future plans.

“Can we meet tomorrow for coffee?” -me

“Yes, inshallah, let’s meet tomorrow after breakfast. inshallah” -friend

“Ok, I will see you tomorrow” -me

“Inshallah” -friend

If you’d asked me, before I lived in the Middle East, if I believed that all my plans (however big or small) were contingent on God’s willing them into existence, I would have said “yes” and then gone about my business planning and executing all on my own with no acknowledgement of Him…making plans as if WE have all the will.

But now, I BELIEVE it. All because my Muslim sisters live out a faith bigger than mine in many ways. I’m so thankful for their examples of living out a faith they believe in 100% and letting me into their personal lives to see this in action.

So if you see me in real life, and I accidentally let an “inshallah” slip, I’m not trying to be a snotty world traveler…I’m reminding myself of who’s really in charge.

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