Phases of total liquidation

IMG_7555I cannot measure how much stuff we threw away as part of leaving the middle east. There are several reasons for this. One of which is that I did not want to know. We threw away good stuff. Re-usable stuff. Junk stuff. Worn-out stuff. Favorite stuff.

Stuff I’d already tried to sell and unload on friends.

No one tells you that when you sell everything in your home (but five suitcases worth) that it will drive you mad. So, to help out others, I’ve compiled a handy list:


The Phases of Total Liquidation

  1. This is good stuff. Let us sell it and make some money.
  2. Maybe I should lower the price, so we can make a little money.
  3. Free Stuff! (I don’t want to just throw it away).
  4. GET THIS STUFF OUT OF MY HOUSE! Too much stuff!
  5. Netflix, junk food, & denial phase
  6. Throw it all away. ALL. OF. IT.
  7. Give the last box of good stuff to your best friend so she can handle it.

And that’s all that you can do. Because…at some point, the only way to make it to the finish line is to THROW IT ALL AWAY. And yes, I donated everything I could.

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