Funneling the Chaos


My family has lived in the same country in the middle east for the last 6 years. For my 2 boys, that is their whole lives. This country made me a mother. Made me a better wife. Stripped me down to the bare bones of my past and then let me grow in the unlimited sunshine. We leave in a week, and I haven’t even begun to process and morn all that has been and is ending.

Now, we are headed to a country they have never lived in, to a state I have never lived in. We have no full time jobs, or cars, or much stuff.

A clean slate.

It’s time to slowly re-integrate into America.

The plan is to live in a family member’s basement until we are ready to move out. Until my husband secures a full time position in his field. Until we know what county we will call home. Until we are ready to step out and start over.

I’m in complete denial of the tsunami of opportunities, choices, and decisions that we are about to be hit with.

I’m looking forward to all the conveniences I’ve missed. To seasons my children don’t even know exist. To Amazon prime. To dollar shave club. To COUPONS!

For now, this little blog will me my place to process and record our (likely disastrous) cultural shift. Feel free to tag along.

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