First Day

Goals for our first full day (Saturday):

  1. Get up in time for the free breakfast. NOPE. jet lag won on this one.
  2. Exchange some $ for Dirhams. check.
  3. Eat lunch. check.
  4. unpack stuff  trash hotel room with baby accessories. check.
  5. Find grocery store, go there, and get food that is way cheaper than hotel restraunts. check.
  6. Figure out how to use free wifi in hotel (only free the first week). check.
  7. JT have major poop blow-out during fancy restraunt lunch. double check.
  8. Take first rides in local taxi cabs. check

Seven out of eight aint bad. JT is transitioning okay. He’s trying to take really short naps at night, and 6 hour naps during the day…but then again, so are we.

This is our first grocery run. You can imagine it was exhausting, exciting, and confusing all in one. We needed snacks/lunches for Nicole during the day, and dinner for Saturday. Our employer is not providing most lunches or dinners, and the hotel food is very expensive.So glad we brought these. Alumninum. Forks. Spoons. And sentimental (Nicole's first gift to James when we were dating).

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