converting kg to lbs

Stats of our travel from the USA to UAE:

1 pound = 2.2 kilograms

7 total flights in 7 days (2 to texas, 3 back, 2 to Abu Dhabi)

United charges $50 for the 2nd bag, and $100 for each additional bag (per ticketed passenger). 50 pound weight limit. $125 charge per bag for going over the weight limit. It’s cheaper to check another bag than it is to go over in weight.

Carry ons can only weigh 7 kg (15 pounds) each. Infants get 6 kg carry on.

“Plus infant” on a plane ticket means you get to check 1 bag, but they don’t get an actual seat….for 13 hours… 🙂

All these stats are leading us to the conclusion that maybe we still should get rid of even more stuff.  Mommy didn’t need any underwear or shampoo, anyway.

Abu Dhabi is 8 hours ahead of Eastern time. Which means we will be leaving the USA at 8 PM Thursday, time travel for 13 hours at double time, and arrive in Abu Dhabi at 7:30 PM Friday. Our bodies will think it is 11 AM, and JT will probably be awake and ready to party.

1 US $ = 3.67 UAE Dirham

1 Dirham = 100 Fils

There is 1 Phil in Louisville.

Nicole & JT will have slept in 5 different places in 8 days.

JT saw all 6 grandparents in 5 days.

Our chick-fil-a gift card still has $14.66 on it, and we only have 1 day left to spend it.

Anyone want to write a word problem with our travel times?


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