How to not go broke buying passport photos

As we have been getting ready for our big move, we have had to get a rediculous amout of passport photos. First, we had to get a set in order to update our passports. We went ahead and paid Walgreens to do the work, and then kept 1 copy of each of ours. GOOD THING. We have probably saved over $180 per person by doing the following:

  • Find or make a 4×6 colored card or old photo
  • Go to walmart with the card and  original passport photo
  • Use the photo scanning machine to copy your “4×6 picture” which is really the 4×6 card with your passport photo in front of it. This step is important because all copies of your photo must be exact passport photo size, or else they will be regected. These photo copy machines will auto size your passport photo up to some distorted size if you don’t trick it into thinking its a 4×6 picture of the card.
  • Go ahead and get 10 copies of your card + photo for $2.5 (Walgreen charges $10 for 2).
  • When you get home, cut out the passport photo copies.
  • Keep the original seperate so you can keep getting more copies…because you will need to.
  • Return to walmart again in a month when you need 10 more copies for more visa/job application paperwork.

And yes, we know you can technically take passport photos at home, and we did for JT. It was so much work, we let walgreens to do the work for us.

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