Things you do when you are about to leave


We picked up some interesting habits (besides selling all our stuff) our last 2 months in the US of A, and decided to keep track:

2 months out:

  • Stop buying groceries, especially in bulk
  • Start cooking recipes using up the random things left in the cupboard, like rice noodles or poppy seeds.
  • Insist on reading those last few paperbacks that you didn’t sell, can’t justify buying in kindle because you still have it in paperback…
  • Start a bucket list of things to eat or see stateside (mostly eat)
  • Blue Bell ice cream
  • Start handing out your blog address instead of your phone number or answering complex questions
  • Only buying summer clothes, for the whole family
  • Burn all the candles in the house, mercilessly, like you have an unlimited supply
  • Count all the lasts. Example “This is the last time we will clean the shower until we move out!”

2 weeks out:

  • Late night trips to walmart for socks and deodorant
  • last-minute trips to good will
  • Eat all the delicious food people bring you that they traded for your stuff
  • check your email constantly for Craigslist responses
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • decline generous dinner invites because there isn’t enough time left
  • throw things away, lots of things
  • make hard decisions like “Okay, I only need 1 red sharpie, no yellow ones, and only 4 shades of blue”
  • pack up any baby clothes that fit perfectly now (because they wont fit by the time me and baby leave in about a month).

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