The Month of Meals: July 2011

July 2011 will forever be known as many things to us. The last month in our apartment in the states. The last month Nicole works at her job. The last month to get rid of our stuff. The last month all three of us live together in the states before we move in 2 parts to the UAE. But, this week, we are celebrating one special thing

The Month of Meals!

As part of getting rid of our stuff, we started trading small things for meals. Want this ironing board and iron? bring us a meal. Want this clock? bring us a meal? Baby gates? meal. rice cooker? meal. DVD player? meal. Our friends were thrilled to get such great deals, and we were relieved to not have to cook the last month.

So, with 25 days left in our apartment, almost no dishes, and 17 meals on the way, it’s gonna be good.

Big thanks everyone who is participating.

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